Data Visualization: “a picture is worth a thousand words”

Our vision is that your data should look like Art

Wrapping your brain around data can be challenging, especially when dealing with large volumes of information.

Trying to find related content can also be difficult, depending on what data you’re looking for.

Data visualizations can make all of that much easier, allowing you to see the concepts you’re learning about in a faster, more interesting and useful manner.

At WingzAnalytics®, we believe that information and insight is better communicated through Art and Design. Our focus is to help you design visualizations that better communicate you business data and business insight to your stakeholders.

Graphics and art promote quicker perception and insight that leads to better decisions and more effective communication.


WingzAnalytics® professionals are experts in designing and building information-rich applications that connect people with data. We work with clients across industries including healthcare, advertising, telecommunications and financial services.

We significantly invest in data visualization, constantly raising the bar on information graphics and the way in which we all think about and share information in an effort to enhance the design quality of the Analytics industry.

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Business Analytics

Business Analytics

"Patterns emerge before the reasons for them become apparent." - Dhar, V., and D Chou, in “A Comparison of Nonlinear Models for Financial Prediction”

Business Analytics is the study of data through statistical and operations analysis, the formation of predictive models, application of optimization techniques and the communication of these results to stakeholders: customers, business partners and colleague executives.

The intersection of business and technology and Design

At WingzAnalytics® we focus on bringing to life, through graphical design, quantitative methods, evidence-based data and statistical methods, data used in business modeling and decision-making in order to provide simplicity and better human interaction.

Our Design professionals, partner with data scientists and other companies in the market that have an interest in exploring and uncovering relationships through data analysis, in order to bring you the best quality Business Analytics through the best Technology available, by means of the best Design.

The interception of these three elements results in a much better user experience, clearer insight and simpler decision making processes.

WingzAnalytics - Your Premiere Source for Business Analytics + Design



As part of our commitment and offerings towards our customers and partners, we offer an advising program specially designed to help Data Scientists, Business Analytics developers, business users and data stakeholders to better represent their data for faster insight.

WingzAnalytics® advising introduces users to the principles and techniques for data visualization. The user will get valuable information on how to use visual representation methods and techniques that increase the understanding of complex data and models.

Emphasis is placed on the identification of patterns, trends and differences from datasets across categories, space, and time.

Visualization as a narrative

Visualizations are graphical depictions of data that can improve comprehension, communication, and decision-making, providing a clear answer to a question without extraneous details.

WingzAnalytics - Your Premiere Source for Business Analytics + Design

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